Dedicated advocates for victims’ rights.

As tough, dedicated advocates for victims’ rights, Davy Yockey has obtained hundreds of millions of dollars from insurance companies who insure careless and reckless individuals or corporations. These verdicts/settlements, after three decades, represent thousands of victims who were injured in car, truck and bus accidents, motorcycle accidents, workplace accidents, construction accidents, sexual assaults, injuries from defective products or poorly designed equipment, victims from careless health providers or businesses that serve alcohol to visibly intoxicated patrons. Yockey Law Firm provides a special focus on insurance “bad faith”, workers’ compensation and social security claims.

If your family has been injured in an accident, your choice in legal representation can be life changing. Consultations are free and can be scheduled in our office or in your home. Our services are paid only when we win.

If you have been injured and need help understanding your options, contact Davy Yockey Today!


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