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Understanding Car Accidents Laws!

 “The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration reported that motor vehicle crashes and fatalities increased in 2013. Over 33,000 people died in crashes that year.” Car Accidents are the most common form of injury and there are many reasons why these accidents occur. These accidents could be caused by another person, you, the city, the car, or really just a simple accident. Some of the different types of accidents are distracted drivi ng, drunk and impaired driving, hit and run accidents, Head-on collisions, roll over accidents, and so many more. An attorney will always look at all the possible causes of the car accidents and they will put into every consideration about what everyone says about the accident. If they new texture of the roadwork through off a driver and caused an accident, it would be partially the cities fault. If the driver of the other car that caused the accident then the attorney would question the driver of the other car. If the acci

How Can We Help?

A class action lawsuit is used when a group of people with similar injuries, that were caused by the same conduct or product bring lawsuits against a defendant. Often, class actions are brought in connection with, injuries arising out of dangerous products or toxic torts. However, they may also be appropriate in consumer fraud or mass tort situations, such as airplane crashes. Simply put, a class action is used when multiple people have suffered the same or similar injuries,  and those injuries are relatively minor. When your injuries are minor, it may not be worthwhile to bring a lawsuit on your own, and it may not be financially feasible for an attorney to take your case. However, if many people suffer similar minor injuries, a class action lawsuit is a great tool to seek redress and also deter the defendant from acting similarly in the future. When a large number of people are affected by a dangerous product, it may be difficult for them to file individual l

Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice happens when an attorney handles a case inappropriately due to negligence or with intent to harm and causes damages to a client. To win in a legal malpractice lawsuit, you will need to prove an attorney-client relationship between you and the lawyer, a breach of the duty to provide skillful and competent representation, and a financial loss. Proving the first element requires you to show that an attorney gave or promised to give you legal a dvice or assistance. Usually, this relationship is created by a written contract or agreement, but it also can be implied from an attorney’s actions in connection with the client’s actions. The nature of this element could vary depending on the ethics rules of the State Bar in your state, and occasionally attorneys do contest that there was such a relationship. If you have been injured and need help understanding your options, contact Davy Yockey Today!

Serious Brain Injuries: Medical Evaluation

Especially after a serious accident, TBI victims may need financial assistance in treating the injury and in continuing with their life. Medical evaluation of the degree of an individual's impairment can have a huge impact on the level of compensation the individual will receive, from all sources. Medical evaluation will also have an impact on findings such as: The injured person's ability to work The right to receive different kinds of economic compensation Eligibility for protection against discrimination Whether independent living is possible What type of physical therapy might improve his or her health Significantly, such an evaluation should include the significant changes an individual will undergo as he or she progresses through acute hospitalization, then returns to the home and community. An individual will likely experience the best possible outcome with rehabilitation that offers an interdisciplinary approach and coordinated care.